Free Vegan Ice Cream Inspires Hundreds to Try Dairy-Free!

Free Vegan Ice Cream Inspires Hundreds to Try Dairy-Free!

What is better than ice cream? Free vegan ice cream! We teamed up with Cocobella Creamery to host a free vegan ice cream giveaway under one of our huge Dairy is Scary billboards in Los Angeles. The reactions were priceless!

It was an incredible event! We introduced hundreds of people to dairy-free ice cream, and the first-timers were very impressed at how creamy and delicious it was. In fact, most people said they could not tell the difference, or said it is better than regular ice cream!

Our President, Dr. Marilyn Kroplick, was at the event helping members of the public with dietary-related questions about dairy-free living, and several families were inspired to try our 21-day dairy-free challenge.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for this fun event, and a very special thank you to Cocobella Creamery for making it possible.

It has never been easier (or tastier) to enjoy the benefits of a dairy-free lifestyle. Register for the dairy-free challenge today!


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