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The World Peace Diet
by Will Tuttle, PhD

The World Peace Diet is the first book to explicitly make the invisible connections between our meals and our broad range of problems - psychological, social, and spiritual, as well as health and environmental. It offers powerful ways we can all experience healing and piece and contribute to a positive transformation of human consciousness.

If you want to understand the big picture of our culture and why we have the unyielding dilemmas we face, and how we can solve them, this book is for you.

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Bird Flu:
A Virus of Our Own Hatching
by Michael Greger, M.D.


Harvest for Hope:
A Guide to Mindful Eating 
by Jane Goodall 


Dining With Friends 

The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine

by Lee Hall, Priscilla Feral


The Fast Food Craze:
Wreaking Havoc on Our Bodies and Our Animals
by Tina Volpe

The Sexual Politics of Meat:
A Feminist Vegetarian Critical Theory
by Carol Adams


Simply Vegan:
Quick Vegetarian Meals
by Debra Wasserman


Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating

by Erik Marcus


Vegan Handbook: Over 200 Delicious Recipes

by Debra Wasserman

Vegan Sourcebook

by Joanne Stepaniak, Virginia Messina


Conveniently Vegan:
Turn Packaged Foods into Delicious Vegetarian Dishes
by Debra Wasserman


Animal Ingredients,
A - Z

by E. G. Smith


Delicious Food For a Healthy Heart

by Joanne Stepaniak

Obligate Carnivore:
Cats, Dogs, and What it Really Means to be Vegan
by Jed Gillen

Review by Mat Thomas (originally published in VegNews, November/
December 2004)


Vegetaria- nism:
Movement or Moment
by Donna Maurer

Review by Mat Thomas (originally published in VegNews, July/August 2003)


The Meat You Eat

by Ken Midkiff

read the article, "Big Meat, big trouble"


Vegetarian America: 
A History
by Karen Iacobbo

Diet for a New America

by John Robbins


Beyond Beef

by Jeremy Rifkin


May All Be Fed:
A Diet for a New World : Including Recipes 
by Jia Patton and Friends
by John Robbins


Dead Meat

by Sue Coe, Alexander Cockburn (illustrator)

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine: The Cookbook and Wisdom Work from the Chefs of the Blossoming Lotus Restaurant
by Mark Reinfeld, Bo Rinaldi


Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S. and Canada

by The Vegetarian Resource Group